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Completely Online and Paperless

Imagine a day when you can handle your entire bidding process online, replicating your current paper-based bid documents in a completely online format, and having bidders enter their responses and submit their bids, all through a secure online system.

Now you don’t have to imagine any longer. With BolfyNg’s iBidDocs, you can do all that and more.

Create and Manage Interactive Bid Documents  

BolfyNg’s iBidDocs make it easy to replicate your current bid documents online in their entirety, including Table of Contents, Scope of Work, Terms and Conditions, Bid Forms, Deliverables, and any Reference Materials.

Using BolfyNg’s iBidDocs, you can quickly create bid documents by drawing from a standard document database, modifying previous bid documents, importing items or sections from spreadsheets, and building new items or sections using a highly intuitive and flexible system designed to meet your needs. You can also set up revision and approval processes, and all your documents are stored in a single central online database that will increase your efficiency, and ensure your purchasing department buyers are always using the latest approved materials when creating a new bid document. Learn more »

Bidders Respond Directly Online

The ability for vendors to respond to your bids directly through an online system will truly transform your purchasing process, making paper-based bidding a thing of the past.

iBidDocs allows bidders to access your bid details, create their responses, and submit their bid proposals directly online. Because you can specify the types of responses you are looking for, whether a price, spec, or question to be answered in multiple choice, short answer, or other format for each response item, bidders are compelled to respond in the format you desire. If you need your bidders to sign certain documents, you can even attach electronic files to your bid document, which bidders are required to download, fill out, and reattach as part of their bid submission.

Secure Online Submissions

Using iBidDocs, bidders can submit their proposals through a secure online system that logs all submissions, sends automatic receipts to bidders, and stores the submissions in a virtual Lockbox designated specifically for your organization. The system also prevents bidders from submitting after the bid closing deadline, or from submitting bids that are incomplete if they have failed to fill out any items or attach any documents that you have marked as mandatory.  The system does however allow bidders to submit updated versions of their bids prior to the closing deadline, overwriting their previous bid submissions and accepting only the most recent submission as the final. Learn more »

Online Bid Evaluations

BolfyNg’s iBidDocs also enables you to evaluate bid submissions online either based solely on price for the overall bid, or by item, or by assigning qualitative evaluators, evaluation criteria, and relative weights to each individual item and section within the bid document. Based on the weights that you assign, the evaluators’ scores are totaled, and the system highlights the bids with the lowest prices, or the highest scores depending on how you have set up the evaluation process.

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