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Manage Every Aspect of Your Competitive Bidding Process Online.

Online Document Distribution

Tired of printing and binding hundreds of pages of bid documents, and distributing them to vendors at your purchasing counter? Whether you build your bid documents with BolfyNg’s iBidDocs or upload them in another format, you can save valuable time and resources, help your purchasing department go green and save vendors trips to your purchasing counter by distributing your bid documents online.

BolfyNg’s ePurchasing Counter

With BolfyNg, you have the option to make your bid documents available online for free, or charge document takers a download fee before they are given access to the bid documents.  You can also take payments for blueprints and other bid documents that must be picked up or shipped, and integrate your purchasing and shipping processes with our system.  Learn More

Notices of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Site Meetings

If you need vendors to submit Notices of Intent or Non-Disclosure Agreements, or attend site meetings before downloading documents, you can use BolfyNg to distribute these documents, have vendors download them, fill them out, and mail them in to you. These can be mandatory or recommended; if you choose to make them mandatory, vendors will be able to download your bid documents once you have logged into the system and confirm you have received the NDA or NOI, or that they have attended a site meeting.

Amendments, Addenda, and Special Notices

If you need to add and amendment or addendum to your bid document, or simply want to send out a reminder or other communication to your document takers list, you can use these features to do so at any point in the bidding process.

Electronic Question & Answer Board

The process of fielding, tracking, and responding to vendor queries just got a whole lot easier with BolfyNg’s online bid management systems.  No more having to sort or file mails, take phone calls, or issue separate amendments every time a vendor asks a question. Vendors can now ask questions through an online question and answer board that is associated with your bid.

When a vendor asks a question, you can choose to respond privately or publicly, either directly through the Q&A board, or by publishing an amendment or addendum to the original document, which all document takers will automatically be notified of.  You can also set a deadline after which questions will no longer be accepted, and even make questions publicly viewable while keeping the identity of the question asker private, so vendors can see the questions that have been asked, limiting the number of repeat questions.

Automatic Tracking & Notification

The BolfyNg system automatically tracks and logs all interactions with document takers for your reporting purposes, and automatically notifies document takers of any amendments, addenda, or special notices related to the bid, which can also be distributed through the system.  Learn more

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