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Still using a resource-intensive paper-based prequalification process to qualify bidders for your bids? Let BolfyNg save you valuable resources with our fully online and interactive ePrequalification solution.

If you regularly conduct bids that have a certain set of requirements vendors must meet before they may be considered, BolfyNg’s ePrequalification solution can dramatically improve your workflow.  Instead of manually sifting through stacks of applications, evaluating vendors by hand, cataloging and filing the applications, and sending out responses via mail or email, you can now do it all online, and seamlessly integrate your pre-qualification procedures with your overall purchasing process.

Since each of our purchasing partners’ needs is unique, the BolfyNg team works closely with each individual purchasing organizations to develop and implement an online prequalification process that is specific to the purchasers’ needs. Whether you are re-creating an existing process online, or developing new prequalification procedures, we will make sure your organization has all the tools it needs to make our ePrequalification solution work for you.

Vendors Update Their Own Information

With traditional paper-based qualification processes, any time vendors provided you with updated information, you would have to manually enter it into your system. Now, with BolfyNg’s web-based ePrequalification solution, vendors can submit information directly online, and the system will update it automatically, reducing the amount of time you have to spend on administrative tasks, and ensuring you are working with the most accurate vendor information possible.

Custom Look and Feel

BolfyNg designs your online prequalification forms to match the look and feel of your existing pre-qualification and bid documents, complete with your organization’s seal or logo.

Evaluate Prequalification Forms Online

BolfyNg’s ePrequalification solution allows you to set up evaluation procedures directly online. You can create administrators and evaluators with different levels of access, define evaluation criteria and weighted scoring systems to assist you in the evaluation process, and notify applicants of their status directly through the system.

Set Your Own Evaluation Periods

In order to maintain a fair, open and transparent bidding process, our system allows vendors to access and fill out the forms directly online year-round, but you can also set evaluation periods and make that information publicly available so vendors will know when you will be going through the next round of prequalification.

Send Bidding Invitations to Qualified Vendors

When you use BolfyNg’s ePrequalification solution, your database is maintained online, and you can easily search and sort your vendor list by region, scope of work, value of the project, and other criteria to find vendors that are qualified to participate in a particular bid. You can then send out bid invitations directly through the system using this list of prequalified bidders based on your selected criteria. You may choose to send invitations to all qualified vendors on the list, or for instances when the value of the bid is below the minimum requirement for an open bidding process, the system has a built-in feature that allows you to automatically invite a pre-selected number of qualified bidders on a random, rotating, non-repetitive basis, ensuring that all qualified bidders have an equal opportunity to participate in the bidding process.

Compliant with Purchasing Organizations’ Guidelines

Since the invitation to prequalify (RFPQ) is made publicly available through BolfyNg’s Local Bidding Portals, as well as through a Custom Landing Page on your organization’s website, you will still be compliant with purchasing organizations’ guidelines.

Multiple Pre-Qualification Forms Based on Vendor Type

Depending on the types of projects you put out for bids, you may need different vendor forms for different types of vendors so you can collect the appropriate information. No problem. We can create as many different online prequalification forms as you need.

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